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Soul Edge
Greece, the birthplace of Cretaceous culture. The people's beliefs are starting to change to the new ways, but the ancient Gods live on in their arts and mythologies.

Sophitia is a tidy girl who works in a small bakery in Athens. She cherishes the mythical world of her ancestors. She often prayed to the goddess Pallas Athena, guardian of her town and embodiment of wisdom and prudent warfare. Her prayer have not been ignored.

One morning, as she bathed in a forest spring, a dazzling light shined in front of her. The light formed the shape of a man. As she stood amazed by the sight, the man told her that he was Hephaestus, the god of Forge. One of the twelve Olympian Gods.

" I'm only a mere mortal. What can I do for you? "

" Do not fear. I only want you to receive my oracle. Among all the weapons that mankind has created, one sword has grabbed the attention of the gods. The sword is true evil. It was forged blindly and now sucks up the hatred and pain of its victims. Many 'deceived' seek this wicked weapon. If any of them find it, disaster will surely follow. I will not let a creation of the forge such as this ruin my reputation. I want you to find that wicked sword before anybody else and destroy it."

The importance of this task was clear and she desired to undertake it, but still she was filled with self-doubt.

"But I'm just a mere mortal. Can I fulfill such a big task?"

"You are not as weak as you think. Obtain a mighty weapon and you can save your kind. I have heard of you from Pallas Athena. She says you still believe in the Olympians. That's why I chose you. No other except you can hear our oracles anymore. Do not worry. Come to my temple. I will grant you the best arms and Athena will always be with you."

Hephaestus then left. Silence returned to the spring. Sophitia went home and equipped herself for the journey. She left home before the rosy-fingereddawn arose. May she have the protection of the Goddes of Victory, Nike.

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