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Solis is a young police woman on year 2115. She was asigned to investigate the activities of a powerful organization of wich is suspected that is changing some events in the past for its convenience; in her investigation she discovered that this organization was the responsible of the disappearance some important families and financial groups 100 years ago; among these the Goketsuji Clan.
Solis remember that the goketsuji was related to her family, so by a DNA test, she confirmed that she is a Goketsuji descendant. Determinated to protect her family, Solis travels to the past(year 2015) to prevent the destruction of her clan.
During the travel, her time machine had a failure and lead her to a diferent point form her original destination, when she came out of the machine she found herself in a laboratory, there she met a misteryous scientist named Mad Axe Daxe. Solis asked to Max if he could help her to repair her machine.

Max excited with the idea of working with such a unknown and advanced technology acepted to help her. While her machine was repaired Solis stayed in in the laboratory trying to get in contact with the goketsuji clan, one day she finally managed to talk with Oume and Otane and told them that she was a Goketsuji descendant and that she needed to see them.

The twins responded that if she wanted to talk with them, she should participate in the Goketsuji tournament. One day later
the invitation for the tournament arrived to the laboratory, along with the new rules, that specified that each participant should participate with a partner.

with no other choice, Solis impulsively screamed: "Max!, Do you know about the Goketsuji Tournament? would you pair up with me?"

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