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Pre History
In the middle of a ruthless gang war which had kept him underground and away from his wife for a year, the infamous Yakuza leader Kazuya Morimoto discovered that his wife had given birth to a daughter named Reiko. When he discovered that the child was actually fathered by one of his Yakuza rivals, Morimoto went insane with rage. While his wife and the infant Reiko slept, Morimoto poured gasoline in every room and burned the house to the ground. As he drove off, the distant screams of his wife cut through the winter night, but he did not stop.

When the maid returned in the morning, the house has been reduced to smoldering embers. She found baby Reiko miraculously in the middle of the burnt structure without a scratch. Reiko was kept a secret and sent to Cambridge to live with the maid’s sister.

There she grew up with a new identity – and had no idea of her true past. Living a life of seclusion, Reiko was home schooled by her new found family and showed an aptitude for quantum physics. Years later she wrote her doctorate on sub zero combustion. Her writings were defacto standard used by research facilities world wide.

After the theory was taken to scientifi c trials, Reiko was on the verge of a breakthrough. Instead, a terrible accident destroyed her University laboratory, killing dozens of workers and observers -- including her adoptive parents but once again, Reiko miraculously survived. Was the accident caused by sabotage from her father’s agents? Disgraced and having lost everything, she fells through the cracks, living in a slum and working under an assumed name as a cleaning woman at a community college physics lab, trying in vain to fi gure out what went wrong and complete her research.

Niles Van Roekel identifi ed Reiko and considered her a prime candidate. She was the daughter of a warrior, well versed in physics & particles, and had a mythical resistance to fi re. Roekel gave her the clue to her failed experiment to recruit her and promised to restore her reputation in the scientifi c community. Without a second thought, Reiko agreed to join his top secret project. Roekel lined her insides with alien crystal and turned her into a human kiln. Now, her body can store high concentrations of energy and release it at targets. Whatever substance is in her vengeful wake is instantly evaporated.

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