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Soul Edge
He is the young commander of mercenary knights, who seeks an invicible sword in order to avenge the murder of his father. He has yet to find the murderer or the weapons, "Soul Edge."

"I must find the sword and have my revenge... I must..."

In Germany, the oppressed peasants revolted against the Holy Roman Empire. With its forces weakened by the Italian Wars, the German peasants finally had a fighting chance.

One of their champions was Sir Frederick, a brave knight. While on campaign, Frederick met the lovely Margaret and spent the night in her arms. After nine months of battle, Frederick returned to find that Margaret had given him a son. Frederick realized his love for Margaret and named his son Siegfried, after the famous hero.

Several years passed. His father, known as the "gentle knight," taught his son swordsmanship. He embarked upon a foreign crusade, promising his return to Margaret. Young Siegfried, without his father's gentle hand to guide him, fell into bad company. He banded together with a group of outlaws and started commiting crimes. His strength grew and soon he led a feared group of thieves known as "Schwarzwind" or Blackwind. It was then when he conceived his master plan...

"We will hunt the cowardly knights who ran away from the crusades. They carry valuable armor and loot. We'll all get rich!". That night. as a war-weary group approached, the thieves sprang their ambush. The fatigued knights were no match for the thieves. They defeated the knights all too easily. Siegfried killed the knight's commander himself with his proud "Zweihander."

He held the commander's decapitated head up high in triumph. But, as the moonlight shone down, he let out a horrified scream. In his hand was the head of his father, Frederick!! The horror caused Siegfried's mind to snap. Yelling in grief and fear he fled into the forest. He plunged deeper into his insanity, convincing himself that someone else slew his father. He grew determined to find and avenge his father's death!

Hearing about the invincible sword, "Soul Edge," he has come to believe that his father's fictitious killer can only be defeated by this weapon.

"I can't ease my father's soul until I find the sword and slay his murderer!"

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