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Power Instinct
A long time ago there was a samurai of the Edo era feared for his skill with the sword. He was a true sword master and fairly popular among ladies. His name was Jubei, and many tales have been told about him. He left many descendants, but only one was frighteningly strong like him...

During his training, he fell in love with a girl, and eventually they had a son, and he decided to name him Shinjuro. Jubei continued his training journey, but before he left, told to the mother of his son that only if the boy becomes a strong man would be worthy to wear his last name.

Shinjurofs mother unable to give him a last name, and looked for someone who would help her to train Shinjuro to turn him into a fearsome warrior.

The time went by and Shinjuro became a skillful samurai. But sadly his mother died, and he began to look for his father, though only found rumors that he was dead. As the time went by, legends about his adventures could be heard all around Japan, which made him feel very proud about his achievements, so he continued traveling and training to become the strongest warrior in Japan.

During his journey he fell in love with Okiko Sasaki, a girl relative to a prominent samurai. He married her and had a happy life, being eventually blessed with the arrival of eight children.

At the age of 69 years old, during the change of the Edo era to the Meiji era, Shinjuro was allowed to establish a last name for his family: gThose of our clan inherit the fighting spirit of our bloodline. I must think of a last name loaded with significance.h

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