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Shinesta, the Elven Princess
Storyline of Iron & Blood
As a young maiden, Shinesta shunned her clan’s heritage, and has spent her days wandering the world ever since. Shinesta’s people disavowed all magic after the catastrophic spells unleashed during the War of the Seven Clans nearly led to the destruction of the entire elven race. They relegated themselves to the roles of guardians of the ancient lore, but refused to partake of this knowledge themselves. To Shinesta’s adventurous young mind, this seemed like the height of folly. Even as a young girl she knew she was different from her clanspeople. She took to sneaking into the vast elven libraries at night and studying the arcane arts. Eventually she was caught by her father, the king. Confronted with the choice of her clanspeople’s vows or her own love for magic, Shinesta chose to defy her people’s taboos. Her father had no other choice, and so Shinesta, his only child, was cast out into the wilderness.

Shinesta might have died alone in the wilds if she hadn’t been taken in by a band of travelers. At last she was able to see a world full of wonders beyond her clan’s own dim view of life. A quick study, she learned everything she could about magic. Now, she wanders the world in pursuit of knowledge. Haughty and independent, lethal with both her spells and her staff, Shinesta has never looked back.

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