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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
Just as he hears the scream, Goro Daimon finds himself airborne and BAM! He lands with large thud.
It is Daimon's loss. The boy who wins the preliminary round of Japan's varied fighting forms tournament quickly catches his wind. The fighting style of this delicate young boy, Kyo Kusanagi, seems to combine the art of manipulating fire, passed through his bloodline, with the "Sword of Kusanagi," which protected the Susano-ono-Mikoto of legend, to make up the Fist of Kusanagi martial arts that is said to be as old as humanity. Kyo is a direct descendant of this Kusanagi bloodline.
And Goro Daimon now realizes in this preliminary match the sublime power of the moves Kyo possesses.
"Too bad there. Mr. Former Gold Medalist man."
Daimon looks back to see a superbly coiffed blond boy, his hair shooting up into the sky. He's Benimaru, who moved onto the finals one step ahead of Kyo. His style is flamboyant, and he is a guy who really stands out in a crowd.
"You lose to a punk like this, what a joke. Your reputation as a gold medalist is ruined."
"...Hold on there, sonny, you can't win with a half-hearted attitude like that..."
"What did you say? It's a given that I'll win and be hailed all over Japan!"
"You should show more prudence before issuing challenges..."
And because of his boasting, the conclusion to the battle between Kyo and Benimaru's is fairly predictable. As Kyo keeps a certain degree of distance, Benimaru continues to move in. It's truly a strategy of attrition.
"Nuts! What a clown. Hey-yaah!!!"
Benimaru moves to finish the match with a single blow and jumps in for the kill. Then it happens:
Having kept a certain distance from his foe until now, Kyo releases his super special move, the Serpent Wave.
"What the...? Oooh-wghaaaaaa!!"
The flames that Kyo release swallow up Benimaru and the match ends. Kyo pants something as he tries to recover his breath.
"Heh, heh...Burn, baby, burn...."
The two, who have come to respect each other's strengths, receive their invitations to the King of Fighters one year later.

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