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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Setsuka crossed the sea to the continent on the other side. With surprisingly little difficulty, she picked up on the trail of her master's killer, Heishiro Mitsurugi. It seemed the man had left stories in literally every single town he passed through, and now he was making his way west for a showdown with Nightmare, just as he had years before.

But one thing displeased Setsuka. Those whom she told of her quest for vengeance all told her the same thing. "Give it up! You're no match for that man." Indeed, the rumours surrounding Mitsurugi defied reason. Not only had he never lost a duel, but in wartime, he would offer his services as a mercenary, deliberately joining outnumbered forces in order to face as many foes as possible.

"No matter," Setsuka thought. If Mitsurugi was looking for strong opponents, all the better for her; she would happily rise to the challenge. If one thing still made her uneasy, it was that she would have to surpass her master to overcome Mitsurugi. The blade that was her master's legacy always found its target; she felt confident in that. But had she surpassed him? Setsuka could never know that for sure.

"Then I must become stronger," she thought.

And so she did. By putting faith in herself, Setsuka was putting faith in her master as well, and gradually her cloudless conviction translated into peerless skill with a blade. Each slash took her a step closer to the divine speed her aster must have once sought.

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