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Storyline of Darkstalkers
"Next up is the final match!"

The "Who's the strongest in the village" tournament was approaching its climax. As usual, the elder was sitting calmly, his beard wavering under gusts of breath coming from his nostrils. Sasquatch was unusually nervous about the coming match. It was Sasquatch's hope that his winning the tournament would prove his superior strength, and would therefore convince the other villagers to hear him out. Everyone in the village was nice, but they could be very stubborn.

"Ready... Fight!!" The competition was going to be a traditional match of snow sumo. Using all of his might, Sasquatch was able to win an easy victory over his opponent. "That's it!! The winner is Sasquatch!!"

The crowd went wild as Sasquatch approached the elder. "Elder! Now that I am officially the strongest in the village, will you reconsider my request? Elder...? Uh... hey! Elder!"

"Huh? Hm...? Oh, yes yes. I must have dozed off... what were you saying?"

"Don't you remember? We talked about it yesterday! There are many monsters roaming the outskirts of our village. I want to go out there to face them and keep them from invading the village!"

"Oh, right right! Yes, of course. Have at it, boy!!"

...I wonder if I really had to go through the whole tournament to get his permission...? Feeling strangely unsatisfied with the elder's nonchalant attitude, Sasquatch walked courageously away from the village as the villagers gathered to give him a warm send-off.

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