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Super Fighter
Storyline of Super Fighter
Being a descendent of a Mongolian tribe, Sarkov was born into a poor family. He lost his parents when he was very young, making his only relative his elder brother. He was truly a child detatched from the outside world.

As a child, Sarkov was thin and weak, and was often humiliated. That is, until his brother was slain by ruffians while protecting him! Sarkov swore before his brother's tombstone that he would someday become the strongest man in the world. From that day forward, he trained his body hard by practicing wrestling skills every day. Through this extensive training, he has built up the physical power we can now see.

Anyone who is grabbed by Sarkov will be in big trouble, for he is now powerful enough to throw a bear to its death using his wrestling skills. The outfit Sarkov wears is the traditional outfit for Mongolian wrestlers. Obtaining a victory while wearing this outfit is his wish.

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