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Battle in Metro-China
Storyline of Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Lo Shu is unique among the generations of Master Sages who have come before him. He is the first to grow up in a new country and never experience living in old China. He is the only Master Sage not to study and train in the company of other Pale Lotus members at Tai He Gong (the supreme Harmony temple). Finally, at 90 years old, he is the first Master Sage who has lived nearly his entire life without facing the Black Mantis sect.

However, Lo Shu has decades ahead of him to carry on the fight. Despite his advanced age, his mastery of chi gives him the endurance, agility, and reflexes of a man one-third his age. Lo Shu is wise, patient, gentle in peace, strong in battle, and a grandfather figure to those who have joined his cause.

Once his mind is set, the Master Sage doesn't falter or doubt. His role as protector of the new Pale Lotus is the most important thing in his life, and he would gladly sacrifice himself for any one of his comrades. Lo Su's one fear, which he strives to hide from the others, is that he might fail them due to either his lack of experience facing the Black Mantis or his lack of knowledge of the past. After all, everything that Lo Shu knows he learned from one mentor: Shihao. And though Shihao did his best to pass along all his wisdom, some Pale Lotus lore has inevitably been lost.

Master Sage is Jade Dragon's father
Master Sage is Fiery Phoenix's foster father
Master Sage adopted Fiery Phoenix after the murder of the latter's parents.
Master Sage taught Jade Dragon
Master Sage taught Iron Monk
Master Sage taught Fiery Phoenix

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