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Battle in Metro-China
Storyline of Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Lo Shu is an aged feng shui consultant in Metro-China, and the son of the Pale Lotus' previous Master Sage. He is the first Master Sage to grow up in a new country and never experience China. He has had only one mentor: Shihao. Although Shihao did his best to pass along his knowledge, inevitably some has been lost. After witnessing the oppression and crimes being committed in his new homeland by the Black Mantis, Lo Shu began training a new generation of the Pale Lotus sect.
Master Sage is Jade Dragon's father
Master Sage is Fiery Phoenix's foster father
Master Sage adopted Fiery Phoenix after the murder of the latter's parents.
Master Sage taught Jade Dragon
Master Sage taught Iron Monk
Master Sage taught Fiery Phoenix

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