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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Endings
Storyline of Street Fighter Alpha 3
Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha...! Even if my body is destroyed... My Psycho Power will not die! The power deep within Ryu is the ultimate form of Psycho Power! Witness it now...!
Ryu: Gwoooooh......!
Bison: Ryu's body will be mine, once it gives in to the Psycho Power! After I finish Ryu, I'll finish you, Sagat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Haaaa!!
Sagat: Ryu... Is this your true potential? You've always been my rival! Don't let him use you like this! Is this all you're made of?! Ryu!!
Ryu: ...! Sagaaaaat!!
Bison: That's impossible... A man cannot control such power! Psycho Power... is... in... vin...cible...! Gwoooooooaaaaahh!!
Sagat: Ryu... I have something to tell you. You were almost destroyed. You are not a master yet. I've trained to defeat you, but you're not ready yet, are you?
Ryu: Right... But, if there is weakness within me, I must someday overcome it. I've chosen my destiny... I have no regrets... I won't turn back. Wait for me, Sagat, until the day I'm worthy to be a master...
Sagat: Why...? I used to be praised as the Emperor of Muay Thai! But now, I feel overwhelmed with excitement... Yes... You are the one that I need to defeat... Ryu!!! My final destiny... You are the only man worthy of it! I'll be waiting! I won't allow anyone to interfere next time!

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