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Street Fighter Alpha 2 Endings
Storyline of Street Fighter Alpha 2
Sagat: I've defeated Ryu! I am the Champion! I've gotten my revenge. But, it seems a hollow victory. Champion, bah! I know now... That's why Ryu just stared at me. He knew, he just didn't say.
Bison: What's the matter, Sagat?
Sagat: I'm getting off here, I have something I've got to do! Later, you must tell me about your "Psycho-Power".
Bison: O.K. Go now. You are on my path. Come back to me when you are stronger.
Leaving Bison, Sagat decides to train alone.
Sagat: Damn! I'm going to need a more powerful move than the Tiger Blow next time! But, I must find it on my own!
Sagat's mind is clear... he searches for his own inner strength to be a True Champion!

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