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King of Fighters '01
Storyline of King of Fighters 2001, The
A shout like a woman's wail cleaves the air and reverberates throughout the gym. Ryo Sakazaki and his kid sister Yuri are in the midst of morning practice. Ryo's fists whoosh through the air, and Yuri's high kicks snarl with ferocity.
The furious match finally draws to an end, the two separate, and bow.
"You've improved, Yuri."
"Of course I have! Just how many times do you think I've entered KOF anyway?!"
"Yeah, you're right. ...Well, how about we get some grub?"
"Yeah. ...Oh? Robert?"
Robert Garcia, who's never appeared at the gym at this hour before, unexpectedly stumbles into the gym.
"What's up, Robert? What's with the hang-dog look?"
"...We're ruined. We are so ruined...."
Robert mutters on as he crumples down to the ground where he stands.
"Yuri, water! Bring him some water! Robert, snap out of it! What's going on? What happened?"
Ryo brings his ears to the hear the mumbling emanating from Robert's mouth.
"Ryo! Just what's all the commotion early in the morning? Huh? ...Robert? What's going on?"
Takuma, appears from the gym and kneels down alongside Robert next to Ryo.
"...I-It's a takeover, Master..."
Robert answers with a barely audible voice.

A tense mood settles into the gym. The three, having put Robert to sleep for the time being, gather together and begin a hushed conversation.
"Robert's really been knocked for a loop by this."
"I didn't understand all of it but he said something about cornering the public offerings of the foundation, or the rights to development, something like that."
"Be that as it may...!
"Sssh! Pop, take the volume down! You'll wake up Robert!"
Takuma, warned by Yuri, lowers the tone of his voice slightly.
"...Be that as it may, Robert's peril is our peril. That is to say, it's the peril of Kyokugen Karate its very self."
Ryo, not well-versed in the ways of the world, does not point out the jump in logic to Takuma's reasoning. Takuma pays him no mind and continues.
"And to get over this crisis, we'll need money, won't we."
"...But Pop, we don't have that kind of money on us!"
"That's what this is for!"
Takuma grins, then lets out a laugh as he dramatically produces four envelopes from his practice tog.
"We'll enter this year's KOF and win!"
"KOF? What do you mean, Pop?"
"Have you forgotten, Ryo? The team that wins KOF receives a massive amount of prize money! Not only that, this year's KOF is an international tournament, I hear. So the amount of prize money should be quite more than usual!"
"Now I got it! I see where you're going with this, Pop! So if we win, Robert and this gym will both be saved, right?!"
"That's my boy!"
"...But if Robert can't snap out of his current state, I don't see us winning... Huh? Robert!"
There, standing tall, is none other than Robert with a flush expression, perhaps the result of excitement.
Robert sits before Takuma and grasps his hand silently, ignoring Yuri's question.
"I knew my Master was the only one I could count on! Let's go everyone! We've got a KOF to win!"
"Ah, Robert! That's poetry to my ears! If that's what you've decided then we must strike while the iron's hot. Everyone, get your stuff together!"
Takuma, Ryo, and Robert work themselves up to a froth and whip into action.
But Yuri takes time to reflect.
It's probably going to be Robert who'll be picking up the tab for the transportation costs and accommodation fees again this year....

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