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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
The Kyokugen Karate gym. Ryo and Robert face each other in the center of the room.
ROBERT: "So...why did the Master call us here today? I though I was being summoned here and then I find you here, too. Just what gives, today?"
RYO: "Beats me. All Pops said was, 'Get it in gear' so hear I am."
ROBERT: "You're his son, aren't you? Shouldn't he give you at least a clue...?"
RYO: "Guess not."
Shortly thereafter Takuma saunters into the gym.
TAKUMA: "So, you're both here, eh?"
RYO: "Is there some kind of emergency or something?"
TAKUMA: "Uhm. Yuri should be here any moment, too. I'll fill you in then."
Ryo and Robert assent in unison, "Osu!"
Yuri pops in with a curious expression on her face.
YURI: "What's the deal, Pop? Wow, Ryo and Robert are here too?"
TAKUMA: "So everybody's here. Anyway, take a seat there, Yuri."
Takuma straightens up his collar and whips out an envelope in front of the three.
TAKUMA: "Open it, Ryo!"
Ryo opens the envelope. Robert and Yuri draw closer to look at the contents. !!!
Ignoring the reactions of the three, Takuma begins his monologue.
TAKUMA: "It's all written there in black and white. The King of Fighters is going to be held again this year. That's what that invitation's for. I've already signed us up. And the entry of our Kyokugen team has already been decided."
ROBERT: "So, if you've signed us up, then who's going to be on the team? Even if Ryo and I are in, didn't you announce your retirement at last year's KOF?"
RYO: "Yeah. After all those histrionics, you're not considering to enter again, are you?"
TAKUMA: "Uh, well.... Hey, young lady! And just where are you going?"
YURI: "Where? I've got a call to make. I know King must have gotten an invitation. Strike your iron along the longest path around, as they say."
TAKUMA: "You mean, Strike while the iron is hot. And I'm not finished talking. Sit down."
YURI: "What's the deal? Well, then, make it snappy, will you? I've got things to do!"
TAKUMA: "I don't know what you've got cooking, but you're sure as not teaming up with King, young lady!"
YURI: "Wow, talk about getting zapped out of the blue!"
TAKUMA: "Let me go on. This all came out of nowhere-the delivery of this invitation, that is. The invitation was addressed to Ryo, Robert, and me naturally."
ROBERT: "Makes sense, it being delivered to the gym and all."
TAKUMA: "But as you all know, I used the previous competition to announce my retirement from fighting competitions to the world. I then inquired with the KOF admissions commission and they told me I could appoint a substitute if I tendered a notarized letter of attorney."
ROBERT: "Substitute...? You mean, Yuri?"
TAKUMA: "Perceptive as ever, Robby-boy."
YURI: "Aw, that biteskees! How could you be so selfish?! Even for a parent there are things that you should know you shouldn't do!"
TAKUMA: "Silence! Not only do you repeat your deceit of me and enter the competition, but you disgrace the dignity of Kyokugen Karate with your unorthodox methods! It won't be that way again, tootsie! It's back to the basics with you and you're going to join KOF as a disciple of Kyokugen. Ryo, Robert? Do you have any objections?"
ROBERT: "If I get to team up with Yuri, I've got no complaints."
ƒŠƒˆƒE "I agree that she needs a little more supervision in her life."
YURI: "Aw, man. Do you and Robert have to get on my case, too?! I am totally not doing this! I'm going to team up with King and Mai and win with our Heroine Team!"
TAKUMA: "No, you won't!"
YURI: "No way! That's N-O-SPACE-W-A-Y! I will definitely not join KOF on this gym's team!"
TAKUMA: "Why you little ingrate! No matter what you say, I'm telling you that you will not join up with King and that ninja minx. Do you hear me?"
YURI: "Huh? Huh? What did you say?!"
TAKUMA: "You can't wrap me around your finger. I can't withdraw my letter of attorney once I've submitted it. If you think I'm lying, why don't you check in with admissions commission? Got it? I'm not telling you can't join KOF, but I am saying that if you want to enter, you'll do it as a Kyokugen disciple. So stop your pouting and get training!"
RYO: "Yeah, cut him some slack, Yuri."
YURI: "Why do you always have to be so reasonable at times like these?! I wish I could be as easygoing as you. You always play the devoted karate-crazed son!"
RYO: "What did you say?!"
ROBERT: "Yuri, calm down. Sure Ryo's karate-crazed, but you shouldn't be so mouthy to your brother."
RYO: "Hey, Robert! Who do you think you're calling karate-crazed?"
ROBERT: "Are you calling me a liar? Just look at you!"
RYO: "All I'm saying is that you've got some stones for calling me karate-crazed! Yuri! Don't act like you're not a part of this when you were the one who lit the fuse!"
YURI: "Leave me out of this!"
TAKUMA: "All right that's eeeeeee-nough!"
Takuma slams his fist down on the floor. They tense up and look at their furious Master.
TAKUMA: "It has all been decided. I won't permit you to oppose me on this. If you still have got a problem with that, you better be ready to leave this house for good!"
ROBERT: "What a mess.... So what's it going to be, Yuri? It's a bit extreme to get tossed out of here just because you and your father don't see eye-to-eye this time; so why don't you just swallow your pride and enter on the Kyokugen team. Isn't that right, Ryo?!"
RYO: "Yeah, Yuri, the ball's in your court. Think it over again hard. Once a notarized letter of attorney's submitted, it's all over. So if you want to enter, we're your only option, aren't we? Are you still telling me you'll only enter as a member of their team?"
YURI: "'s not that I don't want to enter..."
ROBERT: "Then that's that! I see where you're coming from, but you can still win even if you don't join up with King and Mai, so why don't we win for Kyokugen!"
YURI: "Uh...unfortunately it looks like that's my only choice. OK! I'm with you!"
ROBERT: "Yeah, that's the spirit!"
YURI: "If that's the way it's going to be, we better start working out right away. We can't just dick around here. Later!"
TAKUMA: "H-hey! Watch your language, and where're you going?"
YURI: "Hey, I'm a girl, aren't I? Unlike you guys, I've got other things to prepare for! You guys just don't get it!"
TAKUMA: "We start working out today! You do GET that, don't you?"
YURI: "I GOT IT! If I start working out now, victory will be ÔNo worry-skees!' See you later!"
TAKUMA: "Stop that Ôee-ee' nonsense! Jeesh...Did I really make the right decision?"
ROBERT: "You chose this, so it's too late to start worrying."
RYO: "That's just like you, Pop. Just ram things through, and once you get your way you start worrying about everything."
TAKUMA: "Did I ask for your opinions?"
RYO, ROBERT: "No, sir..."
TAKUMA: "It's been bugging me-recently, I've gotten in the habit of spouting off before I think things over...At my age, was that little spat about, arguing with pups half my age? ...Well, let's make the most of this opportunity. You'll go back to the basics and I'll put you through special training. Got it?"
RYO, ROBERT: "Oh, man! Here we go again...."

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