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Vampire Savior
Storyline of Vampire Savior
The idealistic notions of love and valor are all but worthless in the face of cold hard cash. This fact has been widely accepted in the human realm for a while now. When it comes down to basic survival, no amount of pretty words will cut it. The young Darkhunter B.B. Hood lived her life by this unwritten law. One day, while she was on her way to work, B.B. Hood was swept away into a mysterious realm. This new place was none other than Majigen, the enclosed alternate dimension created within a crevasse of Makai by the Dark Lord Jedah. Though B.B. Hood is a mere human, Jedah had deemed her soul to be dark enough to compare to those of pure Darkstalkers. Without wasting any time, B.B. Hood immediately begins to consider what it would take to commit the wholesale slaughter of every Darkstalker in this realm. "Hee hee! So many targets, and they're all mine... this is going to be a major haul!"

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