Fujiwara no Mokou (Urban Legend in Limbo) says...
This type of event has left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Star Gladiator Endings
Storyline of Star Gladiator
"This is the last thing a father can do for his
daughter...Ahh,it's slipping away...I must control...
Aiieee!" Rimgal has entered the final
stage of his transformation.
He can't control the savage dinosaur nature that lurks
in his mind...
The next time his inner beast awakens, he will never
be able to regain true control over his actions.
This must never be allowed to occur.
Rimgal knows what must happen next.
He looks at June and his companions slowly.
"Please take care of my daughter. I love her..."
And with those words Rimgal leaped from the fortress,
plummeting to the ground below.

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