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Soul Calibur 3
That surface that tells the heavens it hath an end cannot persuade me I have any.
-"Religio Medici," Sir Thomas Browne

In his quest for Soul Edge, Raphael faced off against Nightmare in the land of Ostrheinsburg.

Unfortunately, he lost the fight.

His body weakened, his breath haggard, and his consciousness fading, he looked up to see the giant, ghastly sword wielded by the embodiment of a nightmare.


For an instant, an emotion that was neither anger nor pride flared up inside him, and he overcame his pain and forced his body to move. The desperate strike he unleashed hit its mark, piercing the center of Soul Edge.

That was all he remembered. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was the sight of his opponent writhing in pain.

He should have been dead. Yet, for some reason, the azure knight had left without delivering the final blow. Raphael dragged his grievously wounded body back to his mansion. He spent several days on the brink of death, but he eventually recovered.

At this time, however, did not notice the evil energy radiating from the wounds he had received from Soul Edge--energy that was now eating into his body. The phenomenon of maglinity transformation--he had come across this terminology during his research into the cursed sword. By the time those words flashed through the back of his mind, it was already too late.

The symptoms even spread to Amy, who had nursed him back to health. Likely she had been infected when she came into contact with his blood...

No symptoms appeared to indicate that their minds had been infected, but evil blood pulsed through their bodies nevertheless. Their skin lost its color, and their eyes shone with a wicked light. During the day, they felt weak and sluggish, and when night fell, they felt a powerful thirst. The two of them were no longer human...

Before long, the people living nearby had learned of their strange behavior. They must have thought it was some sort of a plague, for they attempted to drive away their lord. Furious, Raphael contemplated taking revenge on the peasants for their impudence, but his priority was protecting Amy. He put aside thoughts of retribution and, together with Amy, left southern France.

It was a frustrating fate. This was the second time that the evil sword had forced him to endure this kind of humiliation.

"I shall make use of my fate, even this!" Raphael swore to himself. Raphael arrived in Eastern Europe. Taking advantage of the war that had spread throughout the land, he purchased a castle ruin in the mountains and began a life apart from the outside world.

Raphael had no intention of living life on the run forever, however. Amy had been transformed into a being that could not interact with the normal world. So, what he needed to do was to change the world! His plan, woven from threads of madness, proceeded in secret. The evil plague spread, starting with the area around the castle, soon moving on to nearby villages and the neighboring city. Eventually, this country, then this continent, then the entire world would change...

His plan appeared to be proceeding smoothly. But one day, an incident occurred in which some people who had been transformed to evil returned to normal. It seemed that something called a "Holy Stone," which a visitor had brought to this land, was the cause....

Raphael tried to touch the faintly glowing stone, but quickly drew back his hand in pain. His palm was blistered as if it had been burned. He destroyed the stone in a fit of rage. After calming down, he wondered whether other Holy Stones or objects with similar powers existed. He felt threatened by this prospect. He could not allow anything that threatened Amy or her world to exist.

Raphael decided to go on a journey to discover the true nature of the "Holy Stone" and obliterate it from this world.

Just as he made his decision, an army appeared at the base of the castle. They had noticed the abnormality of the area and come to attack its source. He would need to drive off these fools first.

"Amy, I won't be back for a while. Be a good girl while I'm gone." Raphael bid farewell to his beloved Amy and descended to the world that refused to accept them. The expression on the face of the reticent girl who watched him leave betrayed no hint of what lay hidden in her heart.

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