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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
To Raphael, Amy was everything. He had even schemed once to turn the whole world evil, to "manifest" it, for the sole purpose of creating a world Amy could call home. But the Holy Stone had caused his plans to unravel by bringing some of the townspeople he had transformed back to their senses. That meant a power even greater than the evil sword must exist. He needed another way to acomplish his goals, and so he vanised into the darkness to find it.

After extracting some useful information from the creaturs of the dark, ha arrived at an answer; he must find a tribe that called themselves the "guardians of the spirit sword." Though themselves lost in the darkness of history, they had continued to pass down their lore; the story of Soul Calibur, the one weapon that could stand against the cursed sword Soul Edge. This was the answer he had been seeking!

Raphael looked heavenward, up at the night sky. Countless lights darted across his vision, and he followed them until they vanished over Ostrheinsburg, where he had once contfronted Soul Edge. The series of lights were proof that the cursed sword was reviving. If Soul Calibur was once again fated to stop it, then it would inevitably appear there at the castle.

Draped in moonlight, Raphael began to cackle. He would give Amy her perfect world, and none of the fools who flocked toward the sword would be able to stop him. Any star with the insolence to try to outshine the moon was fated to be extinguished!

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