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King of Fighters XI
Storyline of King of Fighters 11, The
In a certain bar in Southtown, just as the clock struck 6:02, the back door opened. Though the bar had just opened, the refreshing scent of lime and gin wafted through the air.

"...You're two minutes late," said a beautiful young woman, as she sat looking at the clock with her elbow propped on the counter.

Not even a full day had passed since these three agents had been called upon to participate in KOF and investigate it. The actual client was unknown, but since the request had been delivered through Seth, it seemed to be on the up-and-up, and was therefore worth investigating. A few minutes ago, Vanessa and Ramon had arrived, followed shortly after by Blue Mary, a.k.a. Mary Ryan.

Ramon gave Mary a stern look, which looked thoroughly out of place on him. "Come on, now, chica," he said, "We could've been killed in those two minutes."

Vanessa nodded in assent. "I'm not fond of being overly serious, but you're cutting it kind of close, you know?"

Though she was unused to being reprimanded, much less by two people at once, Mary removed her jacket and sat on the stool next to Ramon. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

On hearing that, the two both seemed to relax. As free agents, it wasn't their place to interfere with the work of others, but each of them had duties to fulfill. This particular job could prove life-threatening.

Even so, after confirming a few things and a light toast, the conversation slipped into idle chat. Seth had conveyed the particulars of this investigation to each of them earlier. Each also understood the others' fighting styles. They were to participate in the tournament as a team, with the tacit implication that, once the job was done, they would be free to go about their respective business. In other words, they were all adults here.

Vanessa had already had more than few beers, and she had called the bartender over, explaining to him the recipe for a cocktail. It was an interesting sight, since she typically drank nothing stronger than beer. "You take three ounces of gin, one ounce of lemon juice, two teaspoons of sugar and blue Curacao. Then, get the sparkling wine and..."

"That's a ‘Blue Mary,' right?" replied the bartender.

Though she wasn't really listening in, Mary heard it anyway, and she recalled the recipe. Or rather, she more remembered the cocktail itself...

"You know that one?" she asked Vanessa.

Behind the counter, the shaker was already giving off a cool, refreshing sound. Vanessa returned a cheerful smile as she replied. "Yeah, someone taught it to me at school back home. His name was--"

Mary finished for her. "...Butch."

"Yes, Butch," Vanessa continued, slightly startled. "You know him?"

The bartender poured the contents of the shaker into a wine glass full of ice, then filled it to the top with sparkling wine.

"He was young, but he was a great teacher for his age," Vanessa went on. "Always wanted to join the Secret Service, as I recall. I wonder how he's doing these days."

"...He's dead." Mary said flatly.

The room suddenly grew very quiet. The only sound was the faint popping of the bubbles in the wine, leaving the atmosphere dark and cold.

"Butch used to work with my father," said Mary. "They were chief bodyguards of the President."

Mary spoke in a barely-audible whisper, reciting the old newspaper story. The assassination attempt on the President several years ago. The parade where it was almost carried out. How the two Secret Servicemen had given their lives that day. And how close Mary had been to them...

"Oh yeah!" interjected Ramon. "I remember that. It was all over the papers in Mexico." The condensation on the glass in his hand slid down its surface, soaking the coaster.

Mary continued, barely noticing his comment. "Butch was the one who gave me this leather jacket. He taught me Commando Sambo as well. It took me a long time to get over it."

Mary smiled, but even the most cursory glance from a casual observer would reveal that it was forced. The bartender silently continued polishing the glasses behind the counter, but turned an inquisitive ear toward the conversation.

"...I think I've been slacking off a bit lately," Mary muttered after some time.

"Hey, don't worry about earlier," Ramon said. "We're not Japanese, so it's not like two minutes is a big deal."
Vanessa nodded. "Yeah. We were just picking on you... you know, to lighten the mood a bit."

Mary silently shook her head. She hadn't forgotten how to smile like she did back then. But even so... "I think I've still got a little way to go before I'm back to normal."

The front door suddenly opened with a mighty clatter, and several customers came in, filling the place with the sound of footsteps. Gradually, the bar grew ever more crowded. The agents' moods were still just a little too dark from the stories of the evening. The three spoke to no one as they stood up.

As they left, they saw that night had fallen completely, and the street was dark. The walls everywhere were crowded with lamps which lit the way.

"What say we work on getting you back to normal tomorrow morning?" Ramon said. "I know a place nearby where they sell some honest-to-goodness authentic tequila."

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