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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
Several figures move in the darkness.
A "Click!" and the surroundings are bathed in a brilliant light. The wide, unoccupied floor is illuminated. It's obvious someone left this place in a hurry.
RALF: "Again...?"
CLARK: "Well, it's always adventure, isn't it? Day in and day out."
RALF: "Just how many times has this happened? Right when we think we've got 'em, they escape as if they were on to us."
CLARK: "And it's kind of creepy that we don't have a clue what they were up to here."
Leona, standing next to the two, senses something. She makes a dash toward the direction she intuits where her target is.
RALF: "Hey! What's going on, Leona?!"
Leona plunges into the darkness. The sound of blades clinging against each other rings out.
A young, the voice of a young girl can be heard.
The lights trail in the direction of the voice. A girl holding a whip snaps it around the knife that Leona is holding out and she whisks it from her.
CLARK: "Leona, stop. Who is it...?"
Leona steps back. The girl lowers her readied whip and salutes Ralf.
GIRL: "I'm from Axe Platoon."
RALF: "Axe Platoon? Aren't they supposed to be investigating another objective 20 kilometers from here?"
GIRL: "A number of platoons have been dispatched on this mission. A majority of the objectives are linked by underground passages. I followed one of them and ended up here."
CLARK: "So that's it, is it? Well? Did you come up with anything?"
GIRL: "I can only reveal the exact details of my investigation directly to my superiors. But I will say that all of the objectives are linked together and it appears that large-scale espionage has been taking place."
RALF: "Espionage? What kind?"
GIRL: "I can't tell you that. Excuse me. It's time for me to report back."
She turns her back to the three, and goes back into the darkness. Ralf and the others see her off.
RALF: "They're really robbing the cradle these days, aren't they?"
CLARK: "Yeah, I thought Leona was young, but she must be just out of diapers."

A few days later.
In Heidern's office. Leona, Ralf, and Clark stand at attention.
HEIDERN: "Take a look at this."
Heidern plops an envelope before the three. Ralf examines its contents.
RALF: "An invitation to KOF? There's another one this year, huh? Hmph.... Whoa! Four members to a team this time around, is it?"
HEIDERN: "That's what it says."
CLARK: "So I guess we'll be teaming up with our commander to enter this time around, huh?"
HEIDERN: "That's a big negative there, Shades! You should be able to see what's coming! Aniticipate!"
Clark takes the invitation from Ralf.
CLARK: "The venue of the tournament is.... Hnh...?"
RALF: "What is it?"
Clark hands the invitation back to Ralf.
CLARK: "Didn't you catch it?"
RALF: "Don't rush me.... What's this...? That's creepy. The more matches you win, the closer you get to a worse place."
CLARK: "It's a collection of all the places where we've been outwitted in all our recent missions up till now."
HEIDERN: "That's not the only thing. It appears that this year's tournament has none of the excitement of the same magnitude as last year. It seems that this tournament will most likely be a private affair."
RALF: "Just what does HQ think about this?"
HEIDERN: "The formation of a head office for espionage operations was decided on today. I'm to be the leader."
CLARK: "And just what does that mean for us?"
HEIDERN: "You'll enter the tournament and investigate what's going on behind the scenes of this year's event."
LEONA: "Understood."
RALF: "And what are we supposed to do about our missing member?"

A knock at the door comes from behind the group.
HEIDERN: "Enter."
The door opens. A familiar young woman enters.
CLARK: "You'"
HEIDERN: "She's transferred here from Axe Platoon. She has nearly completed her investigations."
GIRL: "It's an honor to serve with you. My codename in Axe Platoon is...."
Clark lets out a giggle. The girl shoots him a questioning look.
GIRL: "...What, do you mean by that?"
RALF: "It's your codename, isn't it? A simple mnemonic device is the best thing in a codename. You use that whip so they must call you 'WHIPPY,' don't they?"
GIRL: "It's 'SALLY.'"
Clark plays with the letters in his head.
CLARK: "S-A-L-L-Y means 'sortie'? How swashbuckling!"
RALF: "SALLY?' That's a bit simple, isn't it? Oh, well. I look forward to serving with you 'WHIPPY.'"
Ralf extends his hand but receives a salute in turn.
LEONA: "Pleased to meet you."
Leona salutes the new addition. Next, Clark extends his hand.
CLARK: "Pleased to serve with you, Whip."
Her expression is a little disingenuous but she flashes him a smile.
HEIDERN: "Ooh, I like that. And I like you. The pleasure will be all mine."
Whip shakes his hand.
CLARK: "Quite a grip there. Doing work like this at such an age must be tough."
HEIDERN: "Not necessarily. I get a lot of laughs compared to where I used to work."
Clark looks over to Ralf. Ralf replies with a shrug of his shoulders.
HEIDERN: "Well, let's carry out a short briefing and get you on your way. Meet me in the briefing room in ten minutes and bring your gear. Dismissed!"
EVERYONE: "Yes, sir!!!"

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