Bardock / Burdock Variations

Akira Toriyama

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Pre History
Bardock was a low-level Saiyan warrior. Under the command of Frieza, he committed genocide on planets so that Frieza could take control of them as his bases. Bardock unfortunately was struck in the back of the neck by the last Kanassan, which cursed him with the power of foresight. Bardock was able to see that Frieza would soon turn on the Saiyans, destroying their planet. Bardock attempted to convince the others of Frieza's betrayal, but none would listen to him. Bardock took it on himself to challenge Frieza himself, but unfortunately met his end by the same Death Ball that Frieza used to destroy the Saiyan planet. As he died, Bardock had one final vision; his son Kakarrot would face Frieza years later in combat, and strike a mortal blow to the tyrant.
Bardock is Goku's father
Bardock is Raditz's father

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