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Vampire Savior
Storyline of Vampire Savior
The Soul Bees, a type of demonic insect, had their hive somewhere on House Dohma property, which was located on a plot of land in Makai. Spending years without a landlord to tend to their habitat took its toll on the hive, and the population of Soul Bees was quickly dwindling. They were facing extinction.

"The time has come for everything to become one... join me in the gathering of souls." So came the call from Jedah, lord of House Dohma. He had awaken from his long slumber.

"Time to eat..." Q-Bee's eyes and antennae quivered in anticipation. She ran an instantaneous search of all the potential prey who now found themselves within Majigen. The need to feed and breed. Q-Bee's hunt had begun, and her desires were nearly insatiable.

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