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Guilty Gear
Zepp, the "Armed Air Empire," was a military state established toward the end of the Crusades, the entirety of which was enclosed aboard a gigantic airship. The military force of Zepp, composed wholly of slave soldiers wearing anti-desertion bomb collars around their necks, was unsurpassed... the fear of the collars exploding at any given moment was motivation enough to fight. Potemkin was on of these men.

"Code 4595605381, Potemkin. We've finally found a use for you and your ridiculous body..."

"I refuse. These fists of mine were not made to kill."

"Hmph... fine. Your orders are as follows: Enter this tournament, and win. You will then wish for suitable territory for us to expand our Empire into. Do you think you can win without shedding blood...?"

"Damn you...! ...Fine, I'll do it. Gaining territory peacefully is better than an invasion that would result in countless casualties on both sides..."

"Just don't get any stupid ideas down there... we wouldn't want to strain that tiny brain of yours..."

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