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Miserable mob. Grovel before your true king!
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WWF Wrestlemania Endings
Storyline of WWF Wrestlemania
The remains of his final opponents cooled down to smoldering ashes. However, Bam Bam did not. Still fired up from the heat of battle with eyes glaring, chest heaving, and licks of flame dancing up from his hands, Bam Bam turned to the audience and delivered a vigilant stare. His eyes scanned back and forth and a sinister smile crept across his face. He raised his hands and without warning came a blast of flames which engulfed the entire stadium. The audience was charred to flakes, the stadium was reduced to pebbles, and the WWF Title belonged to Bam Bam Bigelow. The undisputed champion stood among the silent ruins of the now-shattered amphitheater, master of all he surveyed.

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