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Power Instinct
Due to her unconquerable spirit, Otane has become superhuman. She is both mysterious and secretive so you never know what she may be up to.

Otane had a sad childhood where she was constantly berated and abused by her older sister Oume and due to her relative weakness her mother didn't pay much attention to her.

Her older sister seemed to hate her... one day, at the age of 6 years, while strolling in the forest, Oume buried Otane alive. Fortunately an old farmer that was near the place heard Otane crying and saved her. Oume, after have seen her attempt to get rid of her younger sister foiled, turned more aggressive.

Finally, tired of the Oume's abuse and the indifference of her mother, Otane decided to leave home at the age of 15 with only one thing on mind: Training endlessly, so that one day she will prove that she is a worthy representative of the Gouketsuji clan.

Otane steals her opponent's life energy to become young again. In the past she had a heart of gold capable of pure and undying love. Now she uses this as a very powerful weapon to destroy her enemies. Unfortunately she can only stay young for 10 seconds.

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