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Balthazaar, the Headsman
Storyline of Iron & Blood
Out of all the warriors of chaos, none is more infamous for his cruelty than Balthazaar the Headsman. While still a youth, he was apprenticed to the Headsman’s Guild. There he showed terrific strength and technique, but his teachers grew worried about his uncommon zeal for his tasks. Despite their concerns, Balthazaar was allowed to take oath as a member of the guild. The young headsman quickly displayed his trademark cruelty when he severed all of the limbs of a condemned man before finally putting the poor man out of his misery.

Balthazaar was soon cast out of the guild for breaking their code of honor, whose tenets called for a swift, clean, merciful death. Balthazaar was infuriated by his dismissal, and soon he had the heads of the guild for his very own. Balthazaar now roams the world, plying his trade where possible, inflicting punishment on both the just and the wicked with equal pleasure.

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