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Guilty Gear
He was regarded as the finest physician in more than a hundred years. With a gentle personality and deft surgical skill, the doctor was respected throughout the world. One day, however, a girl under his care died mysteriously during surgery. Some said the girl's death was orchestrated by jealous colleagues, but the shock drove the doctor mad. He embarked on a violent serial-killing spree and murdered and untold number of people before finally being captured...
"Mr. Guard! Is it mealtime yet? Is the food ready? Mr. Guard, I'm hungry, I'm hungry!!"

"There are numerous patients awaiting your surgical genius and expertise, Doctor Baldhead."

"...? you're not Mr. Guard, are you? What does it matter, anyway? I can't perform any operations without my medical instruments..."

The tall, thin stranger who stood on the other side of the cell bars threw Dr. Baldhead a gigantic blade.

"Ooh! My... my scalpel! You're a good man... Don't worry, I'll perform plenty of operations for you!!"

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