Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Savior) says...
Young men tend to use force. Don't be ashamed, I like it!
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Pre History
The head of the Shitake clan of Ninjas, not much is known of the one they simply call "The Ninja." What is known is that his services are affordable only to the very richest, that his methods are known only to him, and that his service record is perfect.

The Ninja has many enemies; Konotori and the Dragon are but two. His only "friends" are the members of his clan and a select group of outsiders whom he has met on one or more of his missions. It is known that one of these people is Major Gaines, who the Ninja has found himself fighting alongside in more than one private war. It is also known that is the price were right, his friendship would be put aside and the Ninja would fight anyone.

Little is known of the Ninja. Beware.

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