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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
The secret art had freed Soul Edge from the Embrace of Souls in the Lost Cathedral. Nightmare took the cursed sword in hand while the blade's former puppet took up the spirit sword and stood in challenge. The swords clashed. The resulting storm sent a wave of destruction rushing outward from the epicenter of the battle. The temporary vessel that was Nightmare could not withstand the malestrom; he and Soul Edge fell into a dimensional warp. But the cursed sword followed the lingering hatred and tormented gosts that gave Nightmare shape and managed to return to Ostrheinsburg.

The azure armour lay slumped on the throne. Soul Edge stretched its evil roots into the scarred, broken metal. The waves of destruction created when the swords clashed spread across the entire world, awakening the scattered shards of the cursed sword. Metal fragments both large and small gathered like particles of light and fell in a dazzling rain upon Ostrheinsburg. Years earlier, these pieces of Soul Edge had been scattered as the Evil Seed, but now it was calling them home. The cursed sword drank them all in.

Soul Edge sank roots deep into the land that was so intimately tied to its fate. Ostrheinsburg became a cursed city, a vessel that would consume souls to further strengthen the evil sword. The blade sat on the throne at the center of the cataclysm, and waited for the time when once again, it would clash with the spirit sword, Soul Calibur.

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