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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Endings
Storyline of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Effie: Ahh! We're cornered!!
Necro: Don't say that! We can't stop!! We must never give up! Run!! We're about to reach the woods of the country border! Almost there!
Pursuer: They're on the roof! You! Go to the first car and we'll attack them from both sides! We can never let them fall into the hands of the enemy! Their very cells pose a threat to us!
Effie: Is this the end...?
Necro: No... Not yet! Come with me, Effie! ...Iyaaaaaaaah!
Effie: Aaaaah!! Illiaaaaaaaaa!!
Necro: Effieeeeee!!
Effie: It's a miracle...
Necro: For the first time... I feel thankful for this body of mine!

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