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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Once, Mitsurugi travelled the world so that he might learn how to defeat the rifle. When at last he no longer feared that dreadful weapon, he continued his journey, seeking ever-stronger enemies to challenge. Yet no matter how powerful he became, he hungered for more. Though he desperately cut down foe after foe, they never lit a fire in his cold heart. Mitsurugi was a man turned ogre.

The old stories about Soul Edge and the Azure Knight began to fade from people's memories. Even Mitusurugi lost interest in the legendary sword that was rumoured to be the most powerful weapon of all, for he learned that no matter how powerful the weapon a man bears, it is meaningless if he does not have the strength to match it. Then, one day, after dispatching some assassins looking for information about Soul Edge, Mitsurugi recalled the fragment of Soul Edge in his possession. Convinced that he had no further use for it, he tried to throw it away, but before he could, the metal shard shone with an unholy brilliance and flew westward into the sky.

Mitsurugi followed it with aniticipation of a confrontation with the Azure Knight and Soul Edge. The rumours Mitsurugi heard were more terrible than he could have imagined. The lands ahead of him were fripped in terror, and hordes of grotesque monsters and mad warriors were gathering, but Mitsurugi was not afraid. On the contrary....

Light gleamed from the metal of his blade and Mitsurugi trembled with joy. No human adversary had been worthy of his skills, but this time would be different.

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