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Soul Calibur 3
There was a dark, unknown place where sunlight barely reached. That was her favorite place. There in the darkness, was that a gold coin giving off a faint glow? But beware! The bloodied blade of "Red Crow," her weapon of choice, was also shining.

She was part of a band of thieves that traveled the world, but few knew of this fact. Even fewer knew of the organization, shrouded in mystery. Thus her upbringing, her master who trained her in swordsmanship, the circumstances surrounding her becoming a thief...all untold, as mysterious as the organization. Of course, the name "Miser" was not her real name, and it was unlikely that her real name would ever be recorded in history.

She makes her way down the dark, quiet road, unnoticed as she slips in and out of alleys and houses. Everywhere she goes, she takes gold and lives, leaving behind only the gleam of her weapon.

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