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Guilty Gear
Millia was an orphan, both parents lost to the Crusades. The vicious Assassins found her in the ruins of a village, little more than a wailing infant, and took her in. Thus, she was trained from childhood to use her hair as a lethal weapon. Millia wanted no part of such a loathsome life; she tried to commit suicide several times, each attempt ending in failure.

Finally, her first mission was at hand. The operation was a major one - it was to be lead by the Assassin leader, Zato-ONE himself. During the mission Millia was to act alone; she took the opportunity to flee. Her escape threw the Assassins into chaos, allowing them to be caught red-handed.

Millia now lives as a fugitive, only killing her pursuers when backed into a corner. Hearing from one of these unlucky Assassins that Zato-ONE had escaped from jail and was entering a fighting tournament, Millia decides to enter, as well.

"If I fight Zato in a tournament, one-on-one, I may have a chance to win... and my victory will bring an end to the Assassin organization forever!"

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