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The weak do not deserve a rematch, but an open grave bearing their name!
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Storyline of King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
This room, illuminated by the blow of candles, is the very picture of a fairy tale witch's chamber. Mountains of thick books are heaped all around.
Bottles of creepily colored liquids are placed in no particular order...
"Ah! Here it is!"
The owner of this voice is none other than Mignon Beart.
"This is the book. Where! I could have sworn mother tossed this out."
Walking softly so as not to topple this tower of piled books, Mignon reaches the front of an antiquated desk.
"With this spell, I should be able to use the 'writing' spell for sure."
Mignon's hand stops at the desired page.
"This, this is it. Well, let's give it a shot."
Mignon takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes.
She slowly clasps her hands before her breast and gathers her concentration with a serious expression on her face.
"By the Salamander's strength, oh sacred light, lend me your power to fulfill my magical designs."
As the spell from Mignon's lips ends, a brilliant light emits from her clasped hands.
The light disappears in an instant...
"Aaah, I failed... I can't see a thing. I guess I'm not ready for it, grandma."
Mignon hugs herself, staring at the frame on the desk that contains an old picture.
It seems as if tears are falling from her closed eyes....
"...Everyone knows failure. If you keep on trying, Mignon, you will become as fine a witch as your grandmother. As your grandmother said, a healthy body houses real strength, and while study is important, you cannot succeed with a frail physique. That's it. Mignon lacks a strong body, and that is why you fail. Come to think of it, father received an invitation to KOF in a recently delivered letter. I'll enter that competition and if I win,it will mean I have the strong body that's needed. I'll have to visit father right away."
Mignon reaches the solution to her problem as she gazes back on the photo frame.
(Grandmother, Mignon will prevail. Watch over me.)
Mignon, now leaving this room, resolves not to return here until the competition is over.

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