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Guilty Gear
Axl was born in 20th century England, in one of the worst parts of London's East End. He grew up desensitized to violence, seeing it every day as warring gang factions fought for control of the town. However, he abhorred it deeply and was determined to end the assault on his neighborhood peacefully.

Ever since childhood Axl had unusual martial arts prowess, and with his favorite weapon, the dual kusari-gama, even bullets weren't a threat to him. Within half a year, he had successfully cleaned up his neighborhood without a single casualty - friend or foe. However, at the very moment he was sure the peace would last, he was caught in a "time slip" - a random disturbance in the space-time continuum - and hurtled 200 years into the future.
Two years have passed since Axl's arrival in this new world... and he still searches for a way back home. Yet just as he begins to give up hope, he hears a rumor of a fighting tournament in which the champion gets whatever they can wish for...

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