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Guilty Gear
All the girl can remember of her infancy is the image of a suave and daring pirate captain whisking her away from a savage field of battle. The pirate, Johnny, named the orphan May, after the month of endless rain.

Throughout the long years of wild living aboard the pirates' airship, May developed a fierce love for Johnny: He was part father figure, part brother, and perhaps even part boyfriend to her.
However, one day, Johnny was caught in the act. though he primarily stole from the well-off to aid those in need, crime is crime, and he was incarcerated. The term was not a short one. Johnny's crew immediately began planning an elaborate breakout.

And so, the day before the plan was to commence -

"May! Hold on! Is it too late to change the plan?!"

"What's up, Chief Adviser April? A tournament...? And the prize is anything?! They'll grant any wish?!"

"Yeah! We could wish for Johnny to be released!"

"Good thinking! Just wait, Johnny! I'm coming!"

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