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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
The image expands grows through the camera lens.
First the crowd appears and then, zooming in, the lens focuses on a lone man.
"I've got him in my sights. What do I do?"
A big goon calls to the man next to him.
"Bring those here."
"Put on those goggles over there. They're directly linked with my eyes."
The man lazily puts on his goggles.
He gazes blankly at the man that appears within the goggles.
"Who is this, bozo?"
He lights a cigarette as he asks the question.
"It seems he's...Benimaru Nikaido, the genius shooter who can manipulate lightning. He seems like something out of science fiction, doesn't he?"
There is no reaction to this man's answer, and he asks the next question.
"Isn't this stalking? If this is all there is, I'm going."
"No, soon the trap is about to be sprung."

After bringing an end to his overseas tour, a long-awaited return to Japan.
Benimaru walks through the crowd, feeling the familiarity of being a fish returning to familiar waters.
BENIMARU: "In spite of my trip extended trip overseas, I'm tired of the scent of my fellow countrymen. At least I killed some time before my meeting.... Shingo sure is insensitive, choosing a place like this for us to meet."
Benimaru appears in a small courtyard. Shingo arrives shortly thereafter.
SHINGO: "Long time, no see, Mr. Nikaido!"
BENIMARU: "Yeah, it's been a while. But I wish you'd have chosen a more suitable place to meetÑyou know I hate crowds, don't you?
SHINGO: "Huh?"
BENIMARU: "What do you mean, 'Huh?'"
SHINGO: "Didn't you write me this letter that said you'd be arriving in Japan today so meet me here? See. I got an invitation to KOF with it too, right?"
BENIMARU: "A letter? An invitation? To KOF?"
Shingo points to the invitation and letter.
"You are cordially invited to this year's King of Fighters. We hope you, Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo Yabuki, will honor us with your presence on the Special Team consisting of these appointed members...."
A letter is included with the invitation.
It is just like his, but of course he cannot make out whose hand it's in.
BENIMARU: "Oh, how droll."
SHINGO: "What?"
BENIMARU: "We've been had. But how did they know I'd be returning to Japan today...?!"

Interference causes the notice screen in the square to hiss dissonantly. Snow covers the screen.
In spite of the loud noise, people pass by as if nothing is going on.
BENIMARU: "Do you see that...?! Who is it...?"
He looks around but doesn't understand. Benimaru is befuddled.
Meanwhile, the big man and his partner resume their discussion.
"He plays his part well. They'll make fine additions to our syndicate. They melt right into the rest of the crowd."
"I'm out of here."
"Just hold on a minute. It's almost finished, OK?!"
He pushes the terminal button at his fingertips.
In an instant, letters appear on the screen on the other side of the lens.
Benimaru scrutinizes the letters appearing on the notice screen.

BENIMARU: "S-T-R-I-K-E-R M-A-T-C-H...What's that all about?"
SHINGO: "Huh, that...?"
BENIMARU: "You know about it?!"
Shingo points to the contents of the invitation letter.
SHINGO: "It's all here in the invitation. It says that this is the format for this year's tournament."
BENIMARU: "The format for the tournament? What is it?"
SHINGO: "I don't know. I think we'll catch on once we get there, though. It seems this year's tournament consists of 4-on-4 team battles."
BENIMARU: "Did you say four team members?!"
SHINGO: "Doesn't it say so there?"
BENIMARU: "You, me...and who are the other two clowns?"
SHINGO: "That's written here too."
Benimaru quickly checks over the contents of the invitation.
BENIMARU: "K' and Maxima...?"
Examining the image through the lens, the sound of Benimaru's voice saying his own name synchronizes with the movement of Benimaru's lips.
"Yup. I'm looking forward to it, Benimaru Nikaido."
A giant "Hooo" sound is heard next to him.
When he shifts his glance, the man previously sucking on his cigarette extinguishes the butt in the hand wearing that red glove.

MAXIMA: "You really should stop that, nasty habit."
K' "I'm out of here."
MAXIMA: "OK, see you at the tournament then. That glove's important. Use it sparingly, OK?"
K' "Jeesh...!"
K' gives Maxima a big tut-tut and leaves.
The notice screen resumes its display of announcements, as if nothing had happened.

SHINGO: "So what're you going to do?"
BENIMARU: "All we can do is go, I guess."
SHINGO: "Mr. Kusanagi isn't around and Daimon is busy, it seemsÑI've got a bad feeling about this."
BENIMARU: "Kyo...? We just may meet up with him soon...."
SHINGO: "Why do you say that?"
BENIMARU: "I don't know for sure...I just've got a feeling."
SHINGO: "A say?"
BENIMARU: "OK, let's get going. I'm leaving Japan today."
SHINGO: "Uh, yeah, I'm coming with!"

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