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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
A man meditates in the midst of a dilapidated old temple. The man has not stirred in the slightest for hours on end.
The man breaks his silence and suddenly speaks.
"What do you want...?"
A shadowy figure moves in response to his voice.
"Hoo, hoo, hoo.... Just as I expected of you, Iori Yagami. I thought I had succeeded in making myself undetectable, but you sensed me, didn't you?"
It is a woman's voice.
YAGAMI: "Enough excuses. Just what do you want with me?"
The woman that has melted into a shadows continues to talk.
WOMAN: "Hmph. Don't rush me. It has to do with the King of Fighters."
YAGAMI: "The King of Fighters? ...So what does that have to do with me?"
WOMAN: "You probably know that the King of Fighters will be held this year, but what are your plans?"
YAGAMI: "Bah! My only desire is to slay Kyo Kusanagi! There's no reason to go to the trouble of entering that pomp and circumstance."
WOMAN: "Oh, even if Kyo Kusanagi will be there?"
YAGAMI: "Hmph, the farce like last time was enough for me."
WOMAN: "Are you afraid of Kyo Kusanagi, perhaps?"
Yagami immediately responds with a fierce frown.
YAGAMI: "...You bug me. ...Die!"
Just as Yagami mumbles this, he unleashes his Exorcism move in the direction of the voice.
But the flames of his move have no effect and fizzle out to no avail.
YAGAMI: "What?!"
Just as Yagami realizes it, the woman appears above and pounces.
WOMAN: "!"
But Yagami's mouth contorts with a faint smile and he lets his Fire Ball fly.
YAGAMI: "Gaaaaah!"
The woman just manages to guard against it, flying back in retreat with a toothy grin.
YAGAMI: "Now I get it...there're two of you...."
Another woman, different from the one who flew back in retreat, jams a dagger in the small of his back.
WOMAN: "The jig's up! Iori Yagami!"
The woman in front of Yagami rises slowly and walks toward him.
WOMAN: "Pardon the late introduction. I'm Vice, and..."
The woman behind Yagami speaks.
WOMAN: "I am Mature. It's a pleasure...but if this all the legendary Iori Yagami is capable of, there was no need for us to deal with this."
Yagami lets out a sudden derisive laugh upon hearing this.
YAGAMI: "Wah, hah, hah.... You didn't realize I was just testing you out? What a couple of simpletons.
VICE: "How dare you?!"
In an instant, Mature and Vice's blouses begin to burn, turn to ash, and drop to the floor.
MATURE: "...!"
VICE: "Yeech!"
Mature realizes what has happened, pulls back the dagger pressed against Yagami, and flees back in retreat.
MATURE: "...He saw right through us, in more ways than one...."
YAGAMI: "Just who are you two. What are you up to? Depending on the circumstances, you may just die here."
Yagami generates an overwhelming aura of menace and assumes the position to slowly unleash his Rage of 8 Maidens move.
MATURE: "Gah...!"
VICE: "...! W-wait! We didn't mean any disrespect. But...."
YAGAMI: "But, what?!"
MATURE: "Iori Yagami. We'd like you to team up with us and enter the King of Fighters tournament."
Yagami slowly stands down from his pose for the Rage of 8 Maidens.
YAGAMI: "Me, team up with you two? Hmph, if you want that, then tell me your objective."
MATURE: "Objective? ...Our objective is...none other than you."
YAGAMI: "None other than me?!"
VICE: "That's right...We wish to serve you...."
Mature slowly slips an arm around Yagami.
YAGAMI: "Hmph, so now you try seduction...? Hah, hah, hah.... Very well.... My only objective is to kill Kyo Kusanagi. If you serve that end, then I'll use you as I please. Mind you...don't forget that I'm the one who will kill Kyo."
MATURE: "Yes, very well."
YAGAMI: "Then we have nothing more to talk about. You're boring me now. Shove off!"
MATURE: "Hoo, hoo, hoo... I'm looking forward to the competition. Later...Iori...Yagami...."
Mature and Vice vanish in an instant.
YAGAMI: "Hmph. Vixens. Did you honestly think I didn't realize who you were...? Fine.... Should you fail to serve my needs, you'll become my sacrifice.... Wah, hah, hah...Prepare yourself for your final day...Kyo Kusanagi!!! Wah, ha, ha, ha!
Iori Yagami's laugh peals through the ancient temple.
The women stand at the foot of the stone stairway to the ancient temple where Yagami has taken up residence. They appear to be trying to contact someone.
MATURE: "Yes, we've made contact with Iori Yagami. ...He's a suitable successor to the Yagami name. He's just as powerful as Kyo Kusanagi, perhaps even moreso.... Yes, I understand. Everything is playing out according to our scenario. Relax."
The line goes dead.
The two smile bewitchingly...
...and disappear into the darkness.

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