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"There's gotta be some way I can make some money off this!"
Storyline of Tekken 7
Preoccupied with paying off his son's debts, Marshall Law didn't realize how many of his students had quit his dojo until it was almost too late. With a large sum still to repay, Law was running out of ideas. As a last resort, he decided to search for a capable fighter to run the dojo.

He asked his friend Paul if he knew anyone, and in his usual manner, Paul said he himself would be the perfect candidate. However, thinking that the dojo would go bust in half a day if Paul took control, Law politely refused.

Instead, he put the word out that if any strong fighters wanted to try out for the job, they should come and prove their skills in combat. Challenger after challenger appeared, but none of them were good enough for Law.

Then, one day, Law heard a rumor that a martial artist living in rural China was set to be the next God Fist master. Seeing this as his best chance yet, Law set off for his ancestral homeland.

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