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Pre History
Malcolm Fox is the son of an African ambassador to France. As a child, he rebelled against his father, and his father's impeccable sophistication, by roaming the streets of Paris in gangs and eventually becoming the leader of the largest band of toughs in Paris.

One night, while "wilding" in the streets, Malcolm's gang came upon and quickly began mugging a wealthy Thai businessman. Watching in awe as Malcolm single-handedly dispensed his three internationally-renowned bodyguards and fearing that he was next, the businessman made Malcolm a deal that he couldn't refuse. Without pause, Malcolm turned on his gang, and minutes later, with their bodies littering the alleyway, he swore an oath and began his life as a bodyguard.

While in Thailand with the businessman, Malcolm spent his free time studying Muay Thai. He has integrated these techniques with his street fighting and has now become one of the most sought-after bodyguards in the world.

Working for thousands of dollars an evening and following his employers to high society functions all around the planet, Malcolm has also, ironically, acquired all the manners and sophistication that he disliked in his father.

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