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Chronicles of the Sword
"Happiness" could be a fearful word.
If someone had designed humans to pursue happiness, there should have been limits set to the means of doing so for this woman.

The woman who mourned the death of the King Dalkia could not hold her laughter once she entered the secret cell in her room.

Her peers trusted the proud, resilient and beautiful woman, unaware of her arrogant and greedy true nature.

If anybody knew of her true personality, it was Roin, the military commander.
When she took the throne, many objected for she was just a concubine and not a real heir to the throne. However, it was welcomingly accepted by the military the clenched the real power.

Ascending to the throne while poisoning was still not ruled out as the king's cause of death, brought suspicion on her, but it was again the king's guard that testified for her.
A possessor of unmatched intellect and leadership, she did not have to hide her true personality for long

Withdrawal from the peace treaty with Halteese and declaration of war against Grandall.
Such eagerness to go to war, what would bring happiness to this woman?

The poisonous fangs that she bears searches for the next "happiness" to thirst on.

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