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Soul Calibur 3
Her dream was... still undecided. At present, that was what she was searching for.

Lynette started working in the shop at a young age, and she had only seen the outside world over a counter. The shop that old man Cepheus ran was located in a town where the cultures. She spends her day tending to clothes and armor, but she has yet to come across something that she would like to pursue for the rest of her life. She went through a period where she would compare herself to her fellow workers, some of whom already had a passion in their lives and became proficient in their chosen specialties.

"You have to be patient. There is no reason for you to be the same as the others," old man Cepheus would kindly tell her. "Take your time and find an answer that works for you."

From then on, Lynette searched for an answer that she could be satisfied with. She would go from one shop to another and listen to people's stories or try working there for a while. She would ask for stories of the outside world from customers. She would even take walks outside. She took up non-work related hobbies like dancing, playing music, and even self-defense. Nonetheless, the answer refused to present itself. Everything seemed appealing to her. All the vast world lay in front of her. Everything was so full of promise.

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