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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
"I say, Lucky Glauber, entering together would be a capital idea."
"Hey, you freak me out when you talk like that. Quit it!"
Lucky, who has come to call on his old friend Heavy D!, can't believe his eyes for an moment when he sees D!'s meek expression.
"Just what's this King of Fighters, anyway? Huh? Clue me in, would ya?"
Lucky asks, looking at the invitation.
"I don't have a clue why I was invited. But it's no secret that my power's legend around here."
Lucky shoots a surprised glance at Heavy D!.
Tortured by his rage at being unable to get a match after having killed an opponent in the ring and his subsequent ostracism, couple with his disappointment with the boxing world, it comes as no surprise that the invitation to this tournament is a welcomed gift for Heavy D!. Thinking of this, Lucky shares D!'s happiness.
And Lucky, holder of the All-American karate title, is also interested to see just how well his ability stands up internationally.
This is why he really wanted to enter the tournament. But one problem remains. He meekly puts this problem before Heavy D!.
"So what're we gonna do about the third member?"
That's right. The tournament requires a team of three to enter.
"Yeah, I got a little someone in mind...."
He points to the TV screen while he plays with his pet cat Boo.
"What'choo talkin' about Heavy D!?"
The toothy grin of Brian Battler, this year's MVP, flashes on the screen.

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