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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
The Spartan swordsman Aeon heeded the divine calling to become a holy warrior - a soldier tasked with destroying Soul Edge. But his mission ended when he was captured by a cult known as Fygul Cestemus, and transformed into a hideous monster.

"Why?" he pleaded. "Why has my god forsaken me in my time of need?!"

In despair at the loss of his humanity, Aeon eventually surrendered to his beastly instincts: He walked on all four, and devoured anything - or anyone - who crossed his path.

Many years passed, until one day Aeon heard an inhuman voice speaking to him inside a cave.

"Devour all, and your wish shall surely come true."

From that moment on, the beast-man gained the power to inherit the nature of those he consumed. Each time he tasted the blood of a new prey, his body and soul were transformed.

Gradually, he regained the power of reason. Aeon searched the faint remnants of his memory...

"How can I regain that which I have lost?" he wondered.

But he knew the answer. He must feed on new victims. He must consume the flesh of holy warriors...

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