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King of Fighters '00
Storyline of King of Fighters 2000, The
Airport...A lone man (Seth) boards a plane bound for China...He checks the seat number on his ticket and arrives in first class.
"Thank you for riding JAR today. This is flight 149...."
The "Fasten Your Seatbelts" sign flashes on with the announcement, and the plane takes off for China.
Shortly after, a stewardess comes over and talks to Seth.
"Excuse me. Sir, would you like to watch a video?"
Seth contemplates turning her offer down but takes the video when he notices a picture of his dog, Chinchilla, engraved on the video she holds in her hand.
He thanks the stewardess and immediately pops the video into the player. A man appears on the screen.
The man's face is digitally blurred out.
"Your mission is to take custody of the individual known as ÔRon.' Naturally I want you to lead him here without him catching on. The fighting tournament known as ÔKOF' will soon begin. Since we have learned NESTS is likely to appear in this tournament and is probably involved, we want you to get inside. Two entry tickets have been prepared for you. The envelope is wedged under your seat."
Looking around to check no one is watching, he reaches down under the seat and pulls out a white envelope.
Seth opens the envelope to find two tickets and a wad of bills. He shoves it into the inner pocket of his suit.
"You are completely free to use any measures and methods you see fit. Should you make any mistakes, this agency will take no responsibility for you. This tape will destroy itself automatically."
The screen goes black, the video begins to smoke, and is destroyed.

China. The Hebei province. Two ninjas streak through the forest like a pair of falcons.
"At last...information about the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands...!! If we strike them now...!"
The ninja in front drips with sweat and runs at full speed. A pig-tailed ninja with a black band around his arm pursues him. The ninja in front then turns back to toss a dirk at his pursuer. He senses that it hit its mark. Something crashes down in the forest behind.
The instant he turns back around he sees the ninja with the black band he thought he had just brought down seconds before standing in front of him.
His black band now covers his hand and glows with a ghostly aura. He lunges but the pursued ninja manages to narrowly avoid the attack. The wound is not lethal, but it leaves a wound on his chest. The ninja tosses down a smoke bomb and flees. The ninja with the black band does not chase him.

Seth walks around asking the locals the way to Hebei province.
But the people turn silent and appear to quake with fear at the mention of Hebei. Seth runs into a kindly old man, and succeeds in learning the way to Hebei. As he follows the road per the old man instructions, he finds himself in a remote area where not a soul stirs.
As he presses further on, he reaches the foot of a large waterfall. Here he finally runs into another human. But the figure totters from side to side. Seth senses something is afoot, and as he closes in while remaining unnoticed, he's able to see that the figure is a ninja. His wound looks shallow, but his face is pallid, drool runs from his mouth, and his eyes stare off into nowhere at nothing in particular.
As Seth looks on behind a boulder, a gush of blood suddenly issues from the ninja's mouth along with a scream.
"!!!...What in going on...?!"
The ninja collapses into an unrecognizable mass. When Seth runs to check out the ninja, he notices him breathing slightly and his mouth is gasping for air.
As he finishes, the ninja heaves up another torrent of blood and expires.
"Flying Brigands! ...I knew it...!!!"
At that instant the man with the pig tail and the black band appears.
"You, too, know the name of the Flying Brigands and thus must die..."
The man, without warning, attacks.
"Hoo, hoo, hoo...You are as fast as they say.... Very well...let's dispense with the pleasantries, eh?"
For a while, the two exchange fierce blows. Seth lets his guard down for a second, looses his balance, and falls flat on his back.
"It's over...."
A magical aura issues from his band and the man aims at Seth's chest.
"It ends here!"
Seth makes a special move of his own and barely manages to evade the attack.
"Hoo, hoo, hoo...So that was the Poison Punch of ÔLin,' one of Four Devas of the Flying Brigands, was it...?"
"...Why? ...Why do you...know my name...?"
"Hoo, hoo. I know of your code, too. All who know anything of the ÔFlying Brigands' must die-that's why no one knows anything of your inner sanctum and the name "Flying Brigands" remains unknown to the rest of the world. You're a real crack band of assassins, you are. It appears that your Four Devas are quite a force to be reckoned with."
Lin is confused by the inquisitive Seth. He cannot fathom how this man knows so many details concerning the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands.
"...I will not let you live...."
"Just why do you think I know so much about you and your group anyway?"
Lin attacks Seth, ignoring the question, but Seth, unfazed, continues his story.
"Just where is your chief ÔRon' now, anyway?!!!"
Lin's attacking hand stops.
"...How? ...How do you know of Ron, too...?!!! Just who are you...?!!!"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
"...Enough to wait until I kill you...."
"Very well...You're chief is now missing, isn't he...? I know exactly where your chief Ron is right now."
"...Ah, ah, ah. First I want you to agree to a few conditions of mine."
"...Don't mess with me! ...If you don't tell me quickly, you shall die...very slowly."
"Tut, tut, tut...Kill me, and you'll never find out where Ron is. Can you live with that?"
"...Why, you...."
Lin must resign himself to the fact that the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands is on the brink of total collapse. Just who is this ÔRon' person anyway...?"
"I want you to enter the fighting tournament called KOF with me. Then if we go on to win, you will find out just who Ron is. You'll be able to see with your own eyes."
"...Impossible. ...I will kill you...!"

A few days later, in an abandoned baseball field...there is no sign of anyone and steel girders are strewn all about.
"He should be arriving soon...."
Benimaru glances at his wristwatch as he mutters this.
"Benimaru! Why did you ask me to meet me in this creepy place? This me the heebie-jeebies!"
"...I've summoned someone for whom a place like this is appropriate."
Benimaru bruskly replies as he lights his cigarette.
"Benimaru...I've been meaning to ask you this, the reason you called me here...could it be?"
Benimaru produces two tickets to KOF and passes one to Shingo.
"So they did come, did they...?!!! But just why are you waiting for K' in a place like this?"
Benimaru exhales a puff of smoke and answers,
"We're not joining up with those clowns this time around...."
"Huh? Then who are the other two members...? Kusanagi still missing, and...."
"This time I'm going to choose the members I want. One of them is an old comrade of mine, and the other is a rather touchy type it seems.... He's the reason why we're meeting here. He seems to prefer...out of the way places."
Benimaru has a bad feeling that something wicked is about to happen.
Crashing scrap metal clatters in the distance. Shingo shrinks back in fear. The figures of two men suddenly appear from behind a steel column.
"Hey, Benimaru...Long time, no see, eh? ...I'm honored to be invited to join your team. Looks like we're going to bust some heads together again!"
Seth extends his right hand, giving Benimaru a firm handshake. Lin stands behind him.
"So this is the guy...?"
Benimaru asks Seth, trying to keep the question out of Lin's earshot.
"...You should keep your distance from him...I told you about him before, but this guy's necessary to find Kyo Kusanagi and crush NESTS...."
"What about Kyo...? Have you come up with any leads?"
"...All I've been able to come up with is that he's probably going to enter KOF as usual...but everything will become apparent once we enter, I guess...."
"I guess so...."
Benimaru shoots a glance at Lin. Just at that moment, Shingo innocently approaches Lin to greet him-he shouldn't have done this.
"Uh...My name's Shingo Yabuki!!! Nice to meet you. What's that band for?"
The moment Shingo tries to touch Lin's band, Lin's eyes begin to glare brightly and he motions to attack Shingo.
"Cut that out...!"
Benimaru quickly snags Lin's attacking hand in the nick of time.
"...Let go...."
u"They call me Benimaru.... Don't be messing with my team. ...Do you got me?"
Seeing Lin all worked up over his interrupted attack, Benimaru senses that he won't be able to avoid a showdown with this clown.
As predicted, a strange aura bursts from his hand and Lin attempts to run Benimaru through.
In an instant, Benimaru zaps Lin with his Electrigger move, rendering him temporarily paralyzed.
"...Never get any strange ideas like that again, got me?"
"That was magnificent, Benimaru!"
Seth is impressed at the speed of Benimaru's lightning swift judgment.
"But...a few ticks later or if my Electrigger move was late, I would have been dead. It seems that he wasn't that serious. To take a full-force Electrigger move and still be alive... You sure brought one tough cookie to our little party, Seth...."
As a matter of fact, this is the first time Lin has tasted defeat outside his band of Flying Brigands.
Along with Lin's animus toward him going up a notch, so too does his respect for Benimaru's moves.
Lin lets out an audacious laugh.
It looks like this year's KOF is going to be another doozy. An it's about to begin.
...Meanwhile, Shingo, the reason fro all this commotion, stands petrified, alone in the middle of the abandoned baseball field.
"Mr. Benimaaaaaaaru! Help me! I'm scared!"

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