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Soul Edge
After the death of the great Eirakutei, the Ming Dynasty suffered plundering by Southern Japanese pirates called the "Wakou." The emperor finally took action and sent Li Long to assassinate the leader of the pirates. The secret mission also included an order to retrieve the valiant sword, "Soul Edge."

However, the assassin, Li Long, did not care about "Soul Edge." Taking advantage of war-torn Japan, he decided to not only target the Wakou leader, but also the Daimyo feudal lords. This action was, of course, outside the limits of his mission, but he had no doubts as to his success. His iron will would see him through.

However, man is not made of iron. His attack on the head of a powerful family in Honshu went awry, leaving him badly wounded. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by a beautiful girl named Chie.

Chie was a daughter of the innkeeper Yahei. As a child, she was traumatized by her mother's death and lost her ability to speak. Even without words, Chie is capable of understanding people's sorrow. She devoted herself to the care of the wounded man.

Li Long gradually opened his heart to Chie and the two began to love each other. Li Long stayed with Chie even after his injuries healed.

But, destiny did not treat him kindly.

While he was away, a fight broke out at the inn. In the confusion, his lover was thought to have been killed. "Who! Who did this? Why?" The wounded Yahei told grief-stricken Li Long that a wandering swordsman had started it, then fled.

Eyewitnesses thought it might be the lone swordsman, Heishiro Mitsurugi. However, Mitsurugi was not the only swordsman wandering the land.

"When I find who did this, I will show no mercy!"

Remorse filled Li Long until he had a revelation. "I will not rest until I have hunted down every single swordsman."

Li Long discovered that Heishiro Mitsurugi was searching for Soul Edge, and decided to follow him.

"If I find Soul Edge, first, Mitsurugi will come to me and his death. If Mitsurugi is not Chie's murderer, I'll just continue hunting criminal swordsmen. I will also have the sword for Eirakutei."

Li Long started to pack up for a journey to trace Mitsurugi, hoping to take revenge for his dead lover Chie.

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