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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
Ralf and Clark stand at attention before Heidern.
HEIDERN: "So, you're both here. Have a seat."
RALF, CLARK: "Yes, sir!"
The two sit down. Clark puts his sunglasses in his pocket.
CLARK: "It's been a while since we've had a briefing. You got a new mission for us?"
HEIDERN: "Take a look at these dossiers. I want you to scan these over first."
The two scan the distributed materials. Suddenly they wince tensely.
RALF: "...The King of Fighters!"
CLARK: "What's this...?"
HEIDERN: "It's just what you see. There'll be another King of Fighters."
RALF: "That means Rugal is back in action once again...?"
HEIDERN: "No, it's clear that the sponsors to this year's KOF are different from last year. We suspect that someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes, but our investigations have not yet born fruit. It's safe to say that there's nothing sinister about the competition."
CLARK: "If there's nothing fishy about the competition per se, does that mean our mission has something to do with the competitors."
HEIDERN: "Oh, someone's on the ball this morning."
RALF: "Would you care to expand on that?"
HEIDERN: "We've confirmed that Wolfgang Krauser, Geese Howard, and Mr. Big are among this year's KOF contestants."
Ralf lets out a whistle of surprise at the intel.
CLARK: "Wow, all the big names in the underworld, huh?"
RALF: "So, what's our next mission all about?"
HEIDERN: "As with the previous competitions, I want you two to enter KOF and keep an eye on those clowns. Guys of their stature...I can't imagine them participating in a competition like this unless there's something more enticing to them."

RALF: "So what are the rules this time around?"
HEIDERN: "It's in the dossiers, but it's going to be a team competition like the last one."
CLARK: "So basically we should use the same line-up as then, right?"
RALF: "If we team up together this time, it's going to be a cakewalk. Guess we'll be taking the victory prize on the way."
HEIDERN: "As far as our team is concerned, there's been a change to the line-up."
RALF: "You mean you're making one of us sit this one out?"
HEIDERN: "No, you two will take part as before. This time I'm taking myself out of the actual operations to oversee the mission."
RALF: "So you won't be fighting alongside us?"
CLARK: "But that means were a member short.... Teams are supposed to have three members, aren't they?"
HEIDERN: "Don't worry. I've prepared a suitable addition to your squad."
RALF, CLARK: "Suitable addition?"
HEIDERN: "That's right."
Suddenly there's a knock at the door.
HEIDERN: "Come in."
A young girl of 17 or 18 enters.
HEIDERN: "This is Leona. This'll be her first mission."
Leona gives a slight bow of greeting. She remains silent. Taken aback, Ralf and Clark can do nothing but stare at young girl.
RALF: "Is this some kind of joke? She's just a kid...."
HEIDERN: "That doesn't sound like you. If there's one thing I've told you, I've told it to you a thousand, zillion times.... And what is that, Clark?"
CLARK: "Judging the punch of a shell by its casing is the sign of a rank amateur. Right?"
HEIDERN: "That's the one. You three will make up this mission's squad. It's not just an order, it's a necessity for the success of this mission. Do you have a problem with that, Ralf?"
RALF: "No, sir. I don't."
HEIDERN: "I take it, then, you accept the conditions for this mission. I have something to add about the overall direction of this mission. Leona will notify you of all directives from me, so you do as she says."
RALF, CLARK: "Yes, sir."
HEIDERN: "OK. Sit down, Leona. Synchronize your watches. Wait for 16:35. Five, four, three, two, one...synchronize. The mission begins at oh-five fifty tomorrow morning. Assemble at warehouse six at the docks. Any questions?"
RALF, CLARK: "Sir, no, sir."
HEIDERN: "Very good. So see you at warehouse six bright and early in the morning. Dismissed!"
RALF, CLARK: "Yes, sir!"
Heidern leaves the briefing room. Ralf and Clark look to Leona.
RALF: "My name's Ralf. This here is Clark. Nice to meet you."
Ralf extends his hand as if to keep Leona, who has risen from her chair, from leaving the briefing room. She gives a limp handshake. Leona then attempts a hasty exit, but Ralf does not release her hand.
RALF: "We didn't get your name yet, did we?"
Leona glares at Ralf. Clark keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings.
LEONA: "'s a pleasure."
RALF: "The pleasure's ours. Say hello to the lady, Clark."
Ralf directs Leona's gaze with his thumb toward Clark. Clark extends his hand.
CLARK: "Clark. Take it easy on me, OK?"
She remains silent, and she simply shakes his hand. Unlike Ralf, Clark quickly releases loosens his grip, and Leona rushes from the briefing room. Clark looks at Ralf. He shrugs his shoulders.
RALF: "Whaddya think?"
CLARK: "Beats me. Typical for a first meeting. She seems like a competent soldier to me..."
RALF: "Yeah, I guess."
CLARK: "We'll be working together with her come the dawn. Much as I hate to admit it, she may just work out. We'll have to trust our leader."
RALF: "That sounds prudent..."
Clark puts his sunglasses back on.
CLARK: "Well, I guess we'll have to change our attitudes and work to succeed in our mission. That's our only choice."
RALF: "You said a mouthful. And I'm never washing this had again."

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