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Storyline of Last Blade 2, The
Kouryu: Well, done... Yuki. You have awakened.
Yuki: ...Yes, Master.
Gaisei: I knew you'd defeat me. It was so destined.
Yuki: Maybe so, Master.
Gaisei: You have the gift. You three are my life's pride. To think I would see how you grew in this way... Although drunk with Hades force, I am glad I could meet you again Alas, my soul is weak, wicked... I must pay for my evil sins.
Yuki: But a weak will is not a crime. Letting it free is the crime! Did you not teach me such, oh great Master?! The soul is weak, fragile... But to accept this is strength. In doing that, there is power. This is what I believe.
Gaisei: Words well said, my disciple. Though I understand them not. Now, before I lose my freedom, perform the rites! Ooooh-ohhhhhhhh!
Yuki: ...Farewell, Kaede. ...Take care, Moriya!

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